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Our Story

In 2013 I was working full-time and in college part-time.  As a busy mom of {then} three small children I often found dinner an overwhelming task, even though I loved to cook.  After work there would be just enough time to scoop up my kids and head to gymnastics, karate, softball, visit grandparents, etc.  There didn't seem to be any time to cook.  Even if I did it felt as though there was never a night where everyone wanted whatever I cooked, and by the time I put dinner on the table hangry meltdowns were taking over my family!  For a while I tried to cook on the weekends...but then there was no time to enjoy my family.  In January of 2014 we learned we would be welcoming our 4th baby later that year.

As I prepared to become a stay-at-home mom I excitedly thought about all the fabulous meals I would prepare and all the things I would finally have time to do.  HA!HA!HA!  Between keeping up with the newborn, volunteering at school, cleaning house and running errands "all that time" quickly washed away.  I would find myself hauling 4 kids to the car after a ball game and either feeding them concession stand hot dogs, drive thru takeout, or restaurant food most nights.  I knew other families were having the same struggle - and, honestly, who wants to sit in a restaurant late on a school night with tired, cranky kids who still have to do homework and take baths if you ever get home???

It was when I finally had enough of this cycle that June was born.  Longing for a solution to the daily dinner task and greatly missing the therapy that is cooking, I put together a plan to meet the needs of my family and others in my position.  Our meals are freshly cooked, family sized servings ready for you when you need them.  We cook real food for your family, just like you would if only you had more time!  You can stick dinner in the oven to heat while the kids get their baths and start homework.  Then have dinner around your table - or on the couch! 

Please know that we are so grateful to be cooking for your family.  We take pride in preparing fresh, delicious meals for you - and for us.  When we are cooking for your family, we cook for our own families as well.  You can always be assured that we work hard to deliver a meal that will please everyone at the table!